With the joy of steady growth and a beautiful vision for the future, the mechanical equipment industry in Nan'an has gone through an exciting year of 2019. Looking back on 2019, there were many unforgettable events in the mechanical equipment industry. The successful hosting of two industry events, new achievements in industrial design, and successful research and development of various intelligent equipment products all injected new energy into the industry.
Nowadays, Nan'an mechanical equipment enterprises not only shine in the domestic market, but also go further and further on the international competition stage. Faced with new challenges, the level of product intelligence and production process intelligence has become an important weapon for the mechanical equipment industry to win in the strong global equipment market.
Industry insiders point out that with the booming industrial transformation represented by intelligent manufacturing, the intelligent equipment industry, which integrates new generation information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, has ushered in significant development. In addition, with the continuous improvement of standards and the continuous introduction of supportive policies, it is believed that in 2020, the mechanical equipment industry in Nan'an will move forward towards a billion dollar industry.
Intelligent upgrade of production process
For the mechanical equipment industry, the previous approach of consuming resources to drive production is no longer sustainable. Meanwhile, manpower is surpassing raw materials as the largest cost expenditure. Taking the path of intelligent development has become an unavoidable change and trend in the industry.
Facing the market economy and participating in global competition, advanced manufacturing technology has become the core competitiveness of mechanical equipment enterprises. Although the mechanical market in the past year has not been as good as in previous years, the more sluggish the market economy is, the more enterprises focus on cultivating internal skills and arming themselves with intelligent production equipment.
So, how will the industry achieve intelligence? The most intuitive manifestation is the introduction of robots. At present, many enterprises have extensively used robots for welding, painting, assembly and other work in the production process. At the Quanzhou Intelligent Equipment Expo held in December 2019, robots everywhere became the most eye-catching product. Many robot companies have stated that robots are currently increasing in sales, functionality, and other aspects. Taking Quanzhou Shuangta Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. as an example, the company currently has 15 sets of Panasonic robot welding equipment. "In the past, some of the products processed for American companies could not be produced domestically. The orders received by Twin Towers could only be stamped, and the welding part could only be done in the United States. Through our efforts with Twin Towers, the United States has recognized Twin Towers' welding technology, allowing it to be used for production domestically." Panasonic's relevant person in charge, Luo Hongzhi, told reporters.
In addition, as a strategic foundational industry, intelligent machine tools undoubtedly play a supporting role in the manufacturing industry. Since the beginning of this year, Qunfeng Machinery has invested over 6 million yuan in intelligent production equipment, including CNC gantry milling and shot blasting machines, for just two devices. Among them, the introduced CNC gantry milling can achieve multiple processes such as turning, milling, and drilling on a single machine tool, which not only saves the handling process, but also greatly improves production efficiency and product accuracy. In the production workshop of Qunfeng, a huge equipment with a length of 36 meters, a width of 13 meters, and a height of 8 meters is also the latest introduced - a shot blasting machine. according to

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